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Windows VPN Client

It is a well-known fact that configuring a VPN connection in Windows can be quite difficult at times. It requires interaction with the Network Manager and can take upto 20 screens before the actual VPN connection can be established.

download-vpn-client Windows VPN Client
For your convenience, Proxy Solutions developed a VPN Client that uses simple and straightforward interface for configuring a VPN connection. The VPN Client is compatible with the major Windows versions, including Windows XP, Windows 7 and Windows 8.


To get started please download the VPN Client installer on your computer. Then run the executable and go through the installation process. Once the VPN Client is installed on your computer you can run it from the Start menu.

download-vpn-client Windows VPN Client
In order to configure a VPN connection you will only need to specify the connection name, and provide the proxy details from the welcome email. You can store multiple configurations in the VPN Client and easily switch between them. Please view our VPN Client configuration guide to get help on configuring the software.


Once configured you will need to press Connect button to establish the VPN connection. Balloon hint in the system tray will indicate the successful connection. When you do not need the VPN connection anymore please press Disconnect button.


If you experience any problems with the VPN Client please do not hesitate to contact us via our Support Center. The VPN Client can collect useful diagnostic information, so please provide it when filing the ticket. Doing so will significantly help us understand the root cause of your problem.