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FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

Below is a list of frequently asked questions about the proxy database and proxy related topics.

Due to security reasons our premium proxies do not support SOCKS protocol. Our proxies are designed to be used for web browsing and support the popular HTTP protocol with SSL support. Please do not try to use our proxies as a SOCKS proxy. It will not work. Please make sure you configure your web browser properly as described here.

Our premium proxy service allows you to have a single IP:port combination during your trial and subscription period. You will not receive multiple proxy IPs and you will not be able to rotate through the IP addresses during your subscription.

The username and password generated by PayPal during checkout will NOT work on the Proxy Solutions web site. These login details are solely for proxy use only. You will need to configure your web browser using IP address and port number provided. Once configured browse the web as usual and enter un/pw when asked to do so.

You can cancel your subscription from Your Proxy Account page.Cancelling a subscription cancels all future scheduled payments of that subscription. A subscription can be cancelled up until the day of the next scheduled payment.
  • Log in to your PayPal account.

  • Click the My Account tab.

  • Click the History subtab.

  • Click More filters, select Subscriptions and agreements, and then click Subscriptions.

  • Change the date back to the year the subscription was created, and then click Show.

  • Click Details next to the subscription.

  • Click Cancel Subscription.

We usually do not cancel customer subscriptions. If you did not cancel it as well and still received the message from PayPal saying the subscription was cancelled chances are PayPal cancelled your subscription since there was not enough money to fund a recent payment transaction. Please make sure your funding source in PayPal is okay and set up new proxy subscription.

When you create a proxy subscription using credit card our payment processor tries to verify your credit card by authorizing a $1.00 USD amount. The authorisation is voided immediately. This is standard credit card verification procedure. In fact, no money is taken from your credit card. We only make sure the card is valid in case we need to charge the regular payment in future.

It is impossible to modify your existing subscription terms (period & recurrence options) until the subscription is cancelled and expired. Then you will be able to select new term options and start a new subscription.

No. Usernames and passwords are generated by PayPal for each and every new subscription. There is no way to instruct PayPal to keep these parameters the same for two subscriptions.

You can always see your username and password by logging into PayPal and opening transaction history tab. Then find the subscription in question and click the ‘details’ link. You can find the credentials at the bottom of the page.

Proxy Solutions never oversells proxy bandwidth. You should not experience any slowdowns due to our servers. Make sure your local Internet connection is stable and try again later. Due to security reasons it is not allowed to switch proxy unless the server goes down.

In order to provide the best quality proxy service to all Proxy Solutions customers we use special traffic shaping techniques. Using this method we limit the speed on some downloads going on in the background, however, live streams are not restricted in any way. If you are downloading a lot you can leave your downloads for a night.

Unlike other proxy service providers we do not limit your proxy traffic for our premium proxy services. You can download as much data as you wish. On the other hand we have implemented special traffic shaping techniques ensuring best quality of service for all of our users.

SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) is cryptographic protocol which provide secure communications on the Internet.HTTP proxies are especially useful when it is possible to access not just general HTTP servers but also a secure HTTPS servers through it. Using the SSL proxy we provude at Proxy Solutions, you can safely shop online, visit secured forums, and much more while still keeping your anonymity and privacy.If the web address you are visiting is using the https:// prefix and if you visit the page through a proxy server, it means your proxy supports the SSL.Except for pure protection, the SSL allows to organize ‘a virtual tunnel’ through a chain of proxy servers.

We believe that the answer is yes.The primary argument against open proxies is that their owners may not have intended for them to be used by the public. However, intent is a difficult thing to judge, especially when you’re talking to a computer. By running a service on a machine accessible to the public, without restricting access to that service, a proxy’s administrator is not explicitly denying that service to the public.In a sense, a proxy server is just like a web server, an FTP server, or any other net service: if it is running and accepting connections, it is fair game. The internet is a public network, and if you’re running a server you can hardly be surprised when someone uses it.With regard to US law in particular, 18 USC 1030 (which covers computer-related fraud and theft) applies only when the user has knowingly accessed a computer without authorization or has knowingly exceeded his authorized access on that computer.Because an open HTTP proxy allows connections and use of the service by anyone in the world, it would seem that the public at large has been “authorized” to use the service. There’s no intentional bypassing of security taking place. Just as you don’t need Google‘s express written permission to connect to, you don’t need a proxy admin’s express written permission to use his open proxy server.Naturally it’s not legal to use a proxy for illegal purposes, but if that’s your cup of tea, the proxy is probably the least of your worries.

Unfortunately, due to the security reasons we only allow certain range of network protocols to work with our VPN services. In the past we have had certain problems with people trying to abuse our servers. That is why our VPN firewall is so strict at the moment.Most importantly: you will not be able to sent emails and use torrents while connected to our VPN servers. On the other hand you will be able to browse the web (HTTP/HTTPS), fetch emails (POP/IMAP), use web mail (such as Gmail or Hotmail), download from FTP servers and stream video/audio using the major media protocols (such as RTMP/RTSP).If you really want us to enable some protocol please contact our support team. We will consider opening the port if it will not make our server network insecure. We appreciate your understanding of the matter.