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Proxy Solutions has been ranked as one of the best pay proxy service world-wide due to our easy user interface, lightning fast servers, smooth account management and amazing support. It’s never been easier to buy a proxy.Proxy Solutions staff members have tremendous experience developing and maintaining the fastest, most secure private proxy servers on the web. We are honored to be providing and upholding fast, secure and highly anonymous proxy server connections, unsurpassed within the industry, with very happy users. The premium pay proxy service we supply will offer secure, protected access through networks of supreme velocity. We are also able to offer proxy connections which work seamlessly with almost any form of web application, thus creating an effortless and efficient correlation between you and the web content you develop, search and utilize. At Proxy Solutions, a professional approach to the preservation of your web anonymity and security is always our primary focus!

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Why Are So Many Are Using Our Proxies?

Proxy Solutions offers the fastest proxy services found on the web!

You identity is protected through our highly anonymous, private proxy server network.

Our secure servers are sure to impress. We offer SSL private proxy IPs at the lowest costs in the industry.

Through our proxy network you can appear to originate from the USA, UK, China, France, Australia, Korea, Japan, Germany, Canada, Spain and Sweden.

We invite you to sign-up to our three day free trial to our award winning proxy service.

Our users love our proxies and by offering the lowest rates on the web, the fastest, most secure servers, why wouldn’t they!

Read What Our Proxy Users Are Saying

Your premium proxy service worked beautifully. I do intent to use your service in the future… I was just trying out to see if it truly gives me the US IP … and it did … so thank you much.

Sincerely, Tariq

Found the service good. Fulfilled my needs to download from iPlayer and not miss part of a series during my 2wk holiday. Will definitely use again if the need arises.

Thanks, Ben Miflin

Thanks for providing a simple way to be able to connect using proxies. I am not that computer literate and after the second go, was able to get it working. I am sure to return in the future if I need to use a proxy connection again.


Excellent service and communication. Very user friendly with extremely helpful guidance in set-up. I would definitely use premium proxy service in the future. Many thanks.

Sincerely, David P. Gething

Hi.Your proxy is f#*king AWESOME! No speed or connection issues at all. Thanks for the trial. Later when I have more money I will subscribe! Please add me to your mailing list!

Dennis Nicks

Hi, James, you are a star. Yes, it works perfectly absolutely wonderful I can watch ITV and BBC channels live with it, thanks a lot. Will continue to use this on a day to day basis! VERY good service!!!

Stian Slversen

Guys, at first I was cautious and thought this would be a scam. Thank god it was nothing like that! You provide a fantastic service! Great quality, speed etc. Will definitely keep renewing it!

Kudos and thanks!

Hi,I found the system worked perfectly even out here in Dubai, where they block just about everything, especially any type of VoIP system. Well done!

Kind Regards, David O’Riley

The proxy worked fine for me. I used it to verify the behavior of localized software for customers located in a country other than the US (I chose Spain). I intend to use a proxy again in the future for the same purpose. Please keep up your good work.

Francisco Corella

Hello.The service was EXCELLENT, just what I need (fast for connecting to BBC). If I need this service again, I will subscribe here.

Thanks! Trakpak

Good service, easy instructions and connection was fine to watch BBC iPlayer. Very good – will use again!

Many thanks, Steved

Just got it working…..brilliant stuff! I can watch the Beeb, etc. to my hearts content now!!!If it continues to work like this, this will be a bloody super thing for me !! It’s a great service to have available for ex-pats.

Cheers, Barry

I only needed the Proxy Solutions proxy services for one night while overseas, but I was so impressed with how powerful it was that I didn’t mind paying out the month. Everything was easy and it worked on both Internet Explorer and Google Chrome, which impressed me greatly.

Andre Camenzind

Hi,I love the service and I will be definitely using it again very good and its really good that you do a 3 day free trial so thanks for a great service again!


The proxy service is excellent. Easy to configure, fast support, clear instructions on all the procedures and extraordinary fast! I loved the service and I will surely subscribe for a longer time.

Sincerely, Miguelina Beras de Weber

The proxy service was great! When I need it again I will sure think of you again. I could now watch my favorites shows in the UK without getting bugged by, “you do not live in this country”, messages.


The proxy service is excellent. Easy to configure, fast support, clear instructions on all the procedures and extraordinary fast! I loved the service and I will surely subscribe for a longer time.

Sincerely, Miguelina Beras de Weber

I am very happy with the service and will be purchasing a yearly recurring subscription later today. My wife has already purchased a yearly recurring subscription and is very satisfied with the service. Keep up the good work!

Kind regards, Scott Moyer

I thought your service was AWESOME & totally hit the spot when I was traveling in Europe & wanted to watch some American videos.

Keep up the good work, Eric Ziko

I was very impressed with the service and have already renewed for a further month. The system operates transparently here in Greece. I’m a Mac user and have found no problems. All in all, an excellent service.

Michael Evans